Bird proofing for solar panels

Bird Proofing for Solar Panels

Why bird proofing is important for solar panels?

A Large number of panels fitted on rooftops provide shelter or dry place to pigeons and other birds for building their nests. With nest comes lots of poop which blocks the panels from receiving sunlight and hence reduces performance. Hence, bird proofing solar panels is the only way out.

What attracts birds towards solar panels?

Solar panels provide shade from direct sunlight, protection from predators, and easy in-and-out access to birds and hence become an ideal place for them to make their nests. So, bird proofing your roof becomes essential.

Can birds damage solar panels?

Bird’s poop gets stuck to the panels and does not wear off as easily as dust. It covers the panels and prevents them from absorbing sunlight, resulting in decreased efficiency. It also makes the cleaning process difficult. Birds can even dislodge the wiring which can stop the working of solar panels altogether. The roof area underneath panels can also be destroyed as a result of nesting.

What to do to keep birds away from solar panels?
Here are some ways which can help you keep birds away from your solar panels:
  • Bird Proofing Mesh / Solar Panel Mesh

    A wire mesh is fitted snugly around the panels, which makes it impossible for the birds to enter the area between solar panels and roof. It is a very cost-effective method to protect the panels from damage by the birds. The mesh is ideally installed at the time of solar panel installation, but it can also be installed later. This solution works well and requires little maintenance.

  • Bird proofing Spikes

    It’s another method of creating a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing and roosting on panels. These stainless steel spikes for bird proofing are quite useful in deterring birds and is a permanent bird control solution which does not require maintenance. The good thing is – these sharp upward pointed strips don’t hurt the feathered species, they just don’t let them feel comfortable enough to build nests.

  • Fake falcon

    It is quite a funny way of protecting the panels but has been used for hundred for years. You can use fake falcon which are also called as ‘defender falcon’ on top of your roof to deter birds from landing on panels. Falcon is known to be a natural predator for many small birds and this bird repeller will scare away the birds or pigeons. Pro tip – Use light weight hawk and if possible hang it with cable ties come along with it so that it can twirl around with wind. This presents a more naural look and keeps the birds away.

  • Utrasonic Deterrent

    These are readily available in the market and emit unpleasant noise which scares off the birds from landing on to the panels. Don’t worry; it is inaudible to human ears, so you are safe. It runs on Solar power and works well for quite a long time without maintenance.

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