solar scams awareness

Company has gone Bust Scam

Customers are left stranded when solar companies shut down.

Everyone gets attracted to cheap prices advertised by some Solar companies. These companies sell low-quality components. When the inefficient panels or systems installed by them start to fail, these companies declare bankruptcy and shut down their businesses. They undoubtedly claim to provide more extended warranties at the time of installation but don’t stay in business for that long to honor them. This practice is becoming very common in Australia.

It has now become essential to do thorough research about the solar installer and the solar modules before installation.

Below are a few recommendations to follow if you do not want to be a part of these types of scams.

1. While choosing the solar retailer, look for CEC accredited solar installers .

2. Look for a company that has been around for a while. You can even call the local people who have got their systems installed for a long time to know their experience about the installer and the installation.

3. Verify whether the solar modules being installed are genuine or not with the help of SPV. Click here to know about SPV in detail.