Government solar rebate 2020

Government Solar Rebate 2020 in NSW

With increasing electricity prices, installing solar power is an excellent investment.

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

How much is the solar rebate in NSW under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme in 2020?

Well, under this scheme, numerous small-scale technology certificates (STC’s) are awarded to home and small business owners who install solar panels on the roof of their properties. The number of STCs awarded against the system depends upon its size. For every 1,000 kWh of estimated power production (from the date of installation till the end of 2030), one STC is awarded.

According to Federal Energy Minister, the number of STC’s given out will be decreased each year and over the next 10 years, the scheme will be phased out in 2030.

For instance, if you get the system in 2020, you will receive STC’s based on 11 years of energy production (that is till 2030).

If you are living in NSW, you would be happy to know that New South Wales receives a sufficient amount of sunlight to generate electricity. A 10 kW system in NSW gets around 150 STC’s in 2020 and roughly gets a rebate of $5000 – $6000. This is not at all bad.

Note – The monetary value of the STC is variable and it fluctuates depending upon the demand and supply.

For more information on SRES, visit the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator website.

NSW Empowering Homes solar battery loan offer

The NSW government has taken an amazing initiative to help home-owners in the hunter region to get solar battery systems.

Under this offer, they can get an interest-free loan of up to

$14,000 for solar PV and battery system (repayable over a range of terms up to 8 years), or

$9000 for retrofitting a battery system to an existing solar PV system (repayable over a range of terms up to 10 years).

The residents of Cessnock, Dungog, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Mid-Coast, Muswellbrook, Port Stephens, Singleton and Upper Hunter of Hunter region can take advantage of this offer.

For detailed information on eligibility criteria and How to apply. Please visit the government website.

Considering the affordable solar batteries, the above-mentioned loan amount can help you buy a battery with a storage capacity of approximately 15kWh or more.

The interest-free loan amount of $14000 would help you get a good solar power system with battery and would decrease your utility bills drastically.

Check out the prices of standard system sizes here to get an idea. However, every household has custom needs, and for exact pricing, in-house assessment is mandatory.

NSW Solar for low-income households

The Government of NSW is very generous and has decided to help the low-income group. Up to 3000 households in the selected regions of NSW can take advantage of this program. Under this, a 3kW system would be installed on the roofs of homeowners with low-income.

The selected regions of NSW are the following:

Central Coast

North Coast

Sydney – South

Illawarra – Shoalhaven

South Coast

To claim this offer, one must possess a valid Pensioner Concession Card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card. Please refer the detailed eligibility criteria and process to apply on the Government website.

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