The Australian government is promoting solar panels by launching plans such as Solar Rebate program. Under this plan, Australians will get $1000’s in rebate for solar installation. The upfront cost would be $0 and repayment is quite easy as there is no interest on the amount of finance.

The two major prons of going solar are, the householders get the chance to become energy independent while saving money on electric bills at the same time. You can save 50-80% money on your electric bills. Some are saving on their electricity bills up to 80%. Install Solar and be one of them.


Grab the chance to go Solar with Australia’s greatest energy program

You can save a lot of money if you decide to go solar now. The rebate on solar panels will decrease with time but you can still get a hefty discount on the system cost by utilizing the energy program initiated by the government. The cost of installation can be free or minimal. Take up the opportunity and reduce your energy bill by almost half or more. You can also sell the excess power produced to your energy provider. Hurry up and call now.

Check whether you are lucky enough to grab the benefit.

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