If you have recently installed a Solar Panel in your house, here are some tips on how to maintain Solar panels to keep the efficiency of your system intact and to increase its life. But maintenance of Solar panels is somewhat tricky because solar panels are designed to work for long periods and are completely automated. This makes it difficult to identify the problem with the solar panel.

Solar panel covered by shaded

1. Check for shade

It is advised to check your solar panels once every few weeks. There is a possibility that panels might be facing some shade due to the growth of branches or some construction. This can affect the productivity of the panel and can damage it in the long run. Try to trim the branches or consult an expert if panels are required to be moved to another spot.

2. Clean the Solar Panels

Generally, Solar panels are self-cleaning. But the location where you live plays an important role. There can be many factors like dust, Construction going on nearby, bird droppings which build up over time. This has a negative impact on the generation of electricity. The crux is some locations demand frequent cleaning and some need it less often.

While cleaning the solar panels, try not to scratch the glass. This can damage the Solar Panel. The motive is to keep the panel as clean and clear as possible. If you perform the cleaning regularly every few weeks. the effort to clean it can be reduced. Simply run the hose over them would clean the panels but if there is some built up dirt then cleaning with a soft cloth is required. Try to avoid any kind of soap or material which can damage the panels.

cleaning the solar panel
Broken solar panel

3. Check them once in a while

Solar panels do not need in-depth examination. It is generally advised to check for wear and tear or any other electrical fault. Go through the manual, it would help you in understanding the system better. You can check the normal functioning through the inverter display. You need not worry too much as most of the solar panels come with a long-term warranty.

4. Performance Analysis

You can analyze the performance of your system by measuring and recording the output on daily basis. Make a chart of the changes in readings due to climate change. This way you can know of how effective your solar panel systems are. There are apps available which make the monitoring of the system easy.

performance analysis

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