Solar Energy Myths


Due to increased pollution, the demand for renewable sources of energy is on rise. Measures are being taken worldwide to lessen the effects of global warming. One such source of renewable source of energy which is gaining popularity is solar energy.

There are some myths surrounding the benefits of solar energy, and it’s high time to present facts in front of people so that they don’t get mislead information.

  • MYTH 1: Solar Panels do not work in winters or on cloudy days

    Fact: Solar panels work well in winters and on cloudy days as they need sun’s light not the heat to produce electricity. Colder temperatures even enhance the efficiency of panels, just make sure the panels are not covered with snow. The angle of the panels should be adjusted in a way that snow does not settle on the panels. Otherwise, the electricity generation remains almost the same throughout the year.

  • MYTH 2: Solar Energy is too expensive

    Fact: The prices of solar panels have decreased drastically in the past few years. Even the government is providing exciting rebated to all homeowners. It is actually cheaper to produce electricity from solar energy than it is from fossil fuels.

  • MYTH 3: Installing solar is a complicated process and demands a lot of maintenance

    Fact: Solar panel installation is quite straightforward and simple. You can hire an installer certified by the Clean Energy Council as CEC makes sure their certified installers meet the Australian quality standards. If you need to know more details on – how to find the right installer, we have written a detailed post on this. Regarding maintenance, the panels just need to be cleaned with water to remove any accumulated dust.

  • MYTH 4: Solar panels damage the roof.

    Fact: If your roof is damage-free before solar panel installation then it would remain damage free. Solar panels are not directly attached to the roof, they are just mounted on top of it. Just make sure your solar installer is licensed and qualified professional.

  • MYTH 5: Reselling the home would be harder with solar panels

    Fact: Actually. Solar panels would enhance the value of your home. Studies have shown that homes with panels sell fasted than homes without panels.

  • MYTH 6: Size of the home affects the price of Solar panels

    Fact: Size of the house does not affect the price of panels at all. It’s quite an inappropriate myth but still it is held true by some. Number of panels needs to be installed does consider roof size. Otherwise home size is irrelevant in terms of price of panels

  • MYTH 7:Clean Coal can be used for power generation instead of Solar Energy

    Fact: There is no such thing as clean coal. Clean Coal technology  is a collection of technologies being developed in attempts to lessen the negative environmental impact of coal energy generation and to mitigate worldwide climate change. Dependance on non-renewable sources of energy can’t be compared to solar energy which has limitless supply and is available free of cost.

  • MYTH 8: Solar panels are bad for environment after their lifetime.

    Fact: Solar panels have a long life and they work well for as long as 25-years and after that they can be recycled. So they are not bad for environment.