advantages of solar power

Advantages of Solar power

There are various advantages of solar power, it helps to save on the electricity bill.

In addition to saving money on the electricity bill, it has other advantages too. 

Following are the advantages of Solar Power : 

1. Good for Environment:

Solar power is a clean and green source of energy. It is an excellent way of reducing the carbon footprint. Electricity generation by solar panels does not emit any greenhouse gases and hence does not pollute nature in any way. It is eco-friendly and utilises a renewable source of energy – Sun. Dependence on the non-renewable source of energy (fossil fuels) is not a wise way of meeting the energy requirements. To contribute to a sustainable future, installing solar panels on the roof is the best way to be self-sufficient in generating power.

2. Solar electricity boosts electricity independence:

The government rebates have made it possible for Australian Homeowners to install Solar panels on their roof. The cost of panels has decreased significantly. The decrease in price has increased the number of houses with solar panels on their roofs. Also, the traditional way of generating electricity requires coal and natural gas, which are non-renewable energy sources and are bad for the environment. As these resources are available in limited quantity, electricity price fluctuates quite often. By investing in 6.5kW solar system, which is the most common domestic size, you can save yourself from unpredictable utility prices. Sun’s energy is available free of cost, and it’s not going to increase its rate. Solar battery storage system helps to store electricity for nighttime and rainy days; hence, you can reach energy-independent status.

3. Solar Farms:

There are vast lands far away from big cities or capitals which are not being used for anything at all. As we know, the need for solar energy is on the surge and Australia is the world leader in solar power generation due to plentiful sun. That underutilised land can be used to generate great value.

So, you must have heard of Solar farms – panels used to harvest solar energy in large numbers.

Below is the list of some operational solar farms in NSW

Broken Hill Solar Plant, 53MW

Moree Solar Farm, 56MW

Parkes Solar Farm, 65MW

Beryl Solar Farm, 87MW

Nyngan Solar Plant, 102MW

Coleambally Solar Farm, 150MW

There are around 15 solar farms in NSW which are under construction.

So, this is a wise use of underutilised land and it is powering a number of households in an eco-friendly way.

4. Solar Power prevents Electricity loss to a great extent:

Power loss happens during long-distance transmission of electricity. As we know, electricity is transported from big power plants via extensive networks. Taking distance into consideration, rooftop solar power aims at increasing electricity efficiency. Moreover, solar power systems are quite durable, and as you are generating your own energy, you are in control of your energy usage.

5. Solar Power creates employment opportunities and thus helps in economic growth of the country:

As the government is providing exciting rebates to promote solar power, more and more people are installing solar panel systems. This leads to an increase in the number of solar installation companies which has created additional jobs for skilled workers and consequently keeps the economy growing.

6. Solar power is free and renewable source of Energy:

The fact is no one can monopolise the sunlight, and the sun provides ample energy even more than we could ever use. Solar power system starts saving you money right from the moment you install them; however, you see the advantages in the long-term. Apart from electricity generation, solar energy is used for heating purposes. That can be achieved by installing solar thermal systems that convert sunlight into heating solutions. Solar Hot Water is gaining popularity nowadays.

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