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Do you want to know how much you can save with Solar Water Heating? Let’s know the benefits of installing a solar water heater

Do you often think what is the difference between solar water heating system and a solar panel?

Whenever we think about solar energy, the first thing that comes to mind is solar panels. However, solar water heaters are gaining popularity nowadays. So, the basic difference between the solar panels and water heating system is – what they produce. Both the systems utilise sun’s energy differently.

Solar water heating system doesnot convert sunlight into electricity. It directly uses the heat from sun to warm water. On the contrary, sun’s energy is converted into electricity by solar panel system. Therefore, the purpose of the two systems is different and thus one can have both. This way one can decrease the energy consumption substantially along with carbon footprint.

Working of Solar Water Heater Solar hot water system uses collectors inside the mounted panels to capture heat. Usually the system is installed on the roof but it can also be installed at ground level, as long as it receives the maximum sunlight. The process actually works by heating the water inside the collectors. When the water gets heated, it is pumped by a controller to the water tank. The water inside the tank becomes available for household usage. By using the water heated by sun’s energy, you are saving the energy consumption.

By going solar one becomes more responsible and eco-friendly user.

Points to consider:

Now come to savings

On an average, water heating accounts for 25-30% of electricity bill. It can save you around $500 – $700 a year. Its payback time is pretty good, around 7 years.

The 3 types of solar hot water system

  • Flat Plate
  • Evacuated Tube
  • Heat Pump

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