Solar installer accreditation

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The solar industry has been empowered

The solar industry has taken stringent steps to protect consumers from scams. You can now check the credibility of the installer and the components you buy on the official website. Now, the next question is what accreditation to ask for and how to verify the same.

Firstly you should know who all are involved in the process.

  1. The one who sells the panels and inverters – sales company or retailer
  2.  The one who forms the layout of panels, inverters and batteries – a system designer
  3.  The one who puts the system on the roof – installer
  4.  The one who provides Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work – a qualified electrician.

It’s not unusual if one company performs the above four roles, the larger companies have a team of professionals to deliver the whole project successfully.

The sole body for the accreditation of the above roles is Clean Energy Council (CEC). The CEC is Australia’s renewable energy association which helps residents as well as industry to move towards the smarter and cleaner future.

The CEC has listed the list of accreditated solar installers on its official website. You can verify whether the installer you are hiring is in the list or not. Click here to go the government website to check the credibility of your installer

Note: You can claim STCs only if the components, the designer and the installer are CEC accredited.

Now you can also check whether the components you are buying meet Australian standards or not.

The CER (the Government body responsible for accelerating carbon abatement for Australia) in partnership with Solar Industry has taken the initiative to ensure genuine solar panels are mounted across Australia. It’s called Solar Panel Validation (SPV). It is of great advantage for consumers as well as retailers/installers. Click here to read about SPV in detail.