Solar Power at home

Top 5 ways to get solar power at home

With technological advancement, our dependence on gizmos is on the peak. Our essential tech devices need a constant charge to function as desired. With that, the usage of electricity and hence the energy costs are increasing by leaps and bounds.

Fortunately, the sun’s energy is available free of charge and in abundance. Harness this energy to meet the daily power needs. Now, the question is how to do so…

Here are some ways to go solar and save energy.

Install Solar Panels

Shifting towards eco-friendly and renewable energy sources is the optimal solution to beat the soaring electricity prices by becoming self-sufficient in generating your power. Australia is blessed with ample sunlight throughout the year, and installing solar panels to generate electricity is the wise investment that will pay you in the long term.

The Australian government is also encouraging environmental sustainability and is sharing the load of investment by providing exciting rebates to all home and business owners. As installing solar is gaining popularity, the market is flooded with different variants of panels, inverters, and batteries. Hence, due to increased competition and technological development, the prices of panels have decreased significantly in recent years.

Solar Water Heater

Water heating accounts for 15-20% of the bill amount. In other words, it consumes a lot of energy. So, instead of using electricity to heat water, make use of the sun’s free energy to heat water directly by installing a solar water heater. It uses collectors inside the mounted panels to capture heat. The system can be installed on the roof or at ground level, as long as it receives the maximum sunlight. The process works by heating the water inside the collectors. When the water gets heated, it is pumped by a controller to the water tank. The water inside the tank becomes available for household usage.

Solar LED skylight

It’s the perfect way to lighten up the rooms using the sun’s free energy. The solar panels are neatly installed on the roof, where they absorb sunlight. The absorbed solar energy is then transferred to the control module, which then powers the LED panel. Solar LED skylight is better and more popular compared to traditional skylights.

Solar roof Ventilation

It’s of great use both in summers and winters. It plays a significant role in saving the roof from heat and moisture. Solar roof fans in high demand nowadays. They are pocket-friendly and also protect you from the irritating noise of electric fans.

Solar Pool Heaters

As per statistics, there are 1.1 million residential swimming pools in Australia. Pools are the largest user of electricity. The solar pool heater is the cleanest and the best environmentally-friendly way of heating your pool water. The water is circulated through the system, which is heated by the sun. It is then transferred back into the pool at a warmer temperature.