Cheap Solar systems risks

Dangers of cheap Solar systems : 1 out of 5 solar systems are Dodgy

It has been observed that the Cheap Solar system often deliver unexpected output. According to CEC data, 1 out of 5 solar systems is performing inefficiently. So. it is very important to avoid cheap solar systems.

We receive a lot of calls from people who have been stuck with faulty systems and can’t contact their original installers and looking for repair or replacement. The truth is, many companies have sold sub-standard solar power systems at cheap prices offering long term warranties but now they have gone out of business and are not around to honor such warranties. The people who have been befooled by them are now in mess because these repairs/replacements are not cheap.

Very often, you may hear people saying “no doubt, your system works fine but I have a lower quote for the same system”.

Frankly ” The system is not the SAME”.

Just think and evaluate “Can you buy a top-quality solar system in $3000 and get your money back in 3 to 5 years, and save up to $50,000 on your power bills over the life of a 5kW system.” It sounds too good to be true.

Risks of cheap solar have been getting more popularity in the media since 2019. More than 600 solar installers have declared bankruptcy since 2011, leaving thousands of households with rooftop solar with worthless warranties.

There are many instances where customers have been sold cheap solar products, dodgy installations and long-term worthless warranties. One of the major hazards with dodgy installations is when water gets into the electrical components, causing a fire risk.

Getting a solar power system is not just selecting the right brands. Installation should be done by CEC accredited installers who ensure good quality work.

When you are installing cheap solar systems, one thing is sure – either the output is not as expected or the system shuts down and needs replacement. It is not like you will start facing problems as soon as your system gets installed. For a year or two, it would work well, but the problem starts around the 4th year.

If we talk about inverters then when cheap inverters die, they can’t be fixed. They need to be replaced. Most of the Chinese inverters cost less than $500 and they get faulty soon. Good quality inverters will cost you around $2000 and some of the good inverter brands that we suggest are ABB, SMA, Fronius, and Enphase. They have the best efficiency ratings and provide fast service if required. They process the replacement/service claims if any in days free of charge under warranty.

There are several horrifying stories posted on the internet by the people who are trying to fix their cheap solar systems if your search for warranty claims.

The same is the case with cheap solar panels. No name Chinese panels are being sold in the market at cheap prices. When customers call for warranty claims, their calls do not get answered as manufacturers of such types of panels go bust after few years. So, don’t fall in the traps of cheap solar retailers and trust the big brand names like Qcells, LG, Trina solar, etc who are in the market for a longer period.

There is a great risk of fire involved with cheap DC isolators. Good quality DC isolators are 5 times expensive than the cheap ones or you can opt for good quality systems that do not need DC isolators, hence, no risk of fire is involved. For example Enphase.

We just want to spread the message as cheap systems are costing Australian households time and money. Additionally, they are becoming a serious environmental disaster as faulty systems end up in landfills.

So, when it comes to buying a solar power system, we recommend going for good quality brands from the reputable installer (CEC accredited) instead of just looking for a cheaper price. As, in the end, it is one of the most important decisions of your life.