Fronius Inverter

Fronius Inverters have surged in popularity since the release of the snap-in design 5 years ago. The high-end Austrian manufactured inverter range has definitely become the inverter choice of many domestic installations. It makes one of the best inverters in the world.

Fronius is a European company founded by Gunter Fronius in Austria in 1945. Its solar division has been operating in this field in Australia since 1992.

Customers are raving about the performance, reliability, plus the great customer service from Fronius in Australia.

In 2010, Fronius opened a office in Austrlia which is based in Melbourne. The company experts provide customer service and technical assistance. It also offers product demonstrations and training courses.

If your local network insists on ‘export limit’ in your solar connection agreement then good news is, Fronius is easy on ‘export limit’ but you need to add Fronius Smart Meter accessory to do this. The Fronius SolarWeb monitoring helps you to monitor the consumption. If you want to add Solar Analytics instead, it’s totally up to your choice.

An additional free 5 year extended warranty is available when the inverter is registered online and provides a total of 10 year warranty period.

Download the Fronius inverter datasheet for more details